Bulk Handling

Depending on a customer’s preference, many bulk products arrive at PBT by barge and are unloaded to outside stockpiles or warehouses. Frequently, customers choose for their bulk products to be offloaded from barges directly to trucks or rail cars. Other bulk products might arrive by truck or rail for either storage or trans-loading to a different mode.

Steel Handling

PBT steel product customers range from steel and wire mills to end-product users. Hundreds of thousands of tons of coils and forgings have passed over our docks for storage or direct transfer to trucks or rail cars. Frequently, products are shipped to our dock for eventual on-loading to barges. Many of the stored forgings and castings are warehoused at PBT by domestic and international suppliers for just-in-time delivery to their customers.

Miscellaneous Handling

Other products handled at PBT have been as diverse as palatalized twine and granite blocks. If a product is new in our experience, we take extra efforts to visit with our customers to learn about the material and to become informed about the most efficient handling of the material. According to the customer’s directions, the products can be trans-loaded by any combination of barge, rail cars, or trucks. When storage isn’t necessary, the products are often shipped from dock to barge.

Special Lifts

Some PBT customers have very specialized needs in terms of transporting heavy or unusually shaped items. Frequently, these moves are made by barge to the Port of New Orleans for future overseas shipment. In other instances, the moves may be from barges to dock for dis-assembly and then shipment by truck or rail – or, conversely, from rail or trucks to the dock for loading onto barges. Over the years, PBT has handled special lifts up to 250,000 lbs and pieces of equipment in all shapes and sizes – some requiring specially constructed blocking and dunnage.


A tour of the PBT property will always reveal a number of stockpiles ranging from thousands of tons of rock, safety salt and coal to smaller volumes of material like shredded bark and mulch. Customer stockpiles are regularly maintained by experienced operators on end loaders.

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